Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Holland Rose

I'm sorry it's taken a while for me to post some pictures of Holland, no excuse except that a new baby always rocks my world. But without further adieu . . .

Oh no, I was in the process of uploading pictures into the blog and I cannot find my pictures. They were there just a couple of days ago and now they are not, I am so heartbroken, and I already erased them from the camera disk.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A penny for my thoughts

I'm not sure my thoughts are even worth a penny, but nonetheless, (is nonetheless all one word or 3 separate words, I'm not sure) here they are.

1st thought: Yesterday afternoon I discovered we had no water, this was about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I was thinking that it would surely be back on by 5 or 6, since I figured the reason for the water being off was because of a major city water overhaul which is taking place this year. Well, the water wasn't on and didn't come on until around 9pm. It's hard to go without water especially when you have kids, as I'm sure most of you know. Anyways, thankfully I have been filling water in the empty juice containers that we get every so often as a splurge at the store, so I knew I could use those at least to satisfy some thirsty kids. Now to my point. I realized I am relying far too much on my city for basic needs, such as water, but I have taken the initiative to stock pile a few of those basic needs so in case of an emergency my family could get by. And the bigger picture to me is that unfortunately some Americans are relying far too much on our government to supply them with "basic" needs. But what if our government collapses and is not willing to supply those "basics" anymore. Then what happens. I realize this is a very simplistic view but I think a good lesson I've learned and I wish other's out there would learn as well, i.e., our representatives.

2nd thought: We have a dvd player in our minivan, and since we live in the country and have to drive for longer periods of time to get anywhere I often have a movie playing for the kids. Lately the kids have been watching Madagascar 2. I actually do enjoy listening to the movies and listening and watching the kids in the rear view mirror laughing and commenting on these movies. But I also realize that often there are lines in the movie that are extremely true to our life and times. For example, in Madagascar 2 there is a scene where an obsurd idea is posed to the populace by the self appointed king. He suggests that in order to get the water back into the watering hole they need to make a sacrifice to the fire gods in the volcano. After convincing a hopeless giraffe to jump in and sacrifice himself, the onlookers cheer, and the king exclames "hurry up, before we all come to our senses." Doesn't this sound like what our current government is doing?

3rd thought: One of the trailers before this movie starts is advertising Monsters vs Aliens. I love the line that introduces BOB. The announcers says that one of the monsters is a gelatinous mass, which obviously has no brain. BOB's response is "and turns out, you don't need one." Again doesn't this sound like quite a few of our representatives who are running our current government?

There you have it, if you feel these thoughts have been worth a penny please send a penny my way. All donations are non-refundable and are not tax-deductible. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Letter

I apologize for not mailing out an actual Christmas letter, but I hope this makes an acceptible substitute.

This year has flown by, I remember last June hoping for some sunshine when it seemed like the state of Idaho was floating away to the Pacific Northwest, and now the sunshine has come and gone along with some wonderful moments as a family.

Doug is as busy as ever, more than he would like to be. There actually is a downside to being so busy as a small business owner, so if anyone knows of a good Physical Therapist looking for a job send them our way. We, especially Doug, would welcome the relief. Even though work has been at neck breaking speeds, we have been blessed with fill-ins so Doug could spend some time with us on our many mini summer vacations. We've enjoyed boating with friends and family in Arizona, family reunions in Utah, a mini camping adventure with friends and most of family on both sides coming to visit with us here in our beautiful neck of the woods. Doug has even enjoyed hunting, unfortunately, the elk and deer and turkeys still outwit him.

My days are spent keeping up with the kids, okay, mostly Hayden. It still amazes me how a 21 month old can keep you running. All I seem to be able to do is get the basics done. I have a long list of extras, that just keeps getting longer, which will have to take a back seat right now. I was called to be the cub scout leader just in time for me to tell them that they have me until May when our LAST baby is due. Can you tell I'm excited about this LAST pregnancy. I'm excited about our last addition, but I will in no way, shape or form miss pregnancy, sianara, and good bye, now it's up to all the younger siblings to populate our gene pool.

Brock's big accomplishment this summer was turning 8 and being baptized. He had been looking forward to this big event for a couple of years and was so excited that the day also included his cousin Logan and family. He is now in 3rd grade and enjoys every minute in school, though I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the academic rigors of school, but I am grateful that he excells in academics. He loves being in cub scouts and trying out different sports. He is saving up for a motor bike to be able to ride on his uncle's farm, I figure it will take him until he's 12, by that time I hope he is less reckless. He is still Dad's shadow, it's hard to keep him at home when he see's how exciting day's with his dad are. He's been pheasant hunting, ice fishing and even flying with his dad. You know, I think this kid has almost expirenced more in his short life than I have.

Emma is now a big 1st grader and loves going to school full time, she has been in speech therapy since before kindergarten and has made tremendous strides, we are so proud of her and how hard she has worked to improve herself. I keep telling everyone that her hard headedness is actually a blessing in disguise, I'm sure it will serve her well throughout her life as it has me. I never worry about Emma, she's so capable. She is my biggest helper when it comes to Hayden. Her and Hayden are best friends, they must have missed each other so much before Hayden joined our family 4 1/2 years after Emma. I also am the joyous recipient of a child prodigee of housework, she can clean a room like no other. Most of all though we enjoy her spunky outlook on life.

Our little Addison has become quite the grown up this year, in reverse. Before she turned 4 in January she was always telling people she was 23, or 67, or 81, or 73 or some other "older" age when they inquired, but as soon as she turned 4, she was 4 and you could'nt tell her otherwise. She continues to improve her vocabulary with long words, she's our very own "Fancy Nancy". She has learned to love her little sister Addison and they even get along most of the day now. This is her last year of pre-school at Miss Melia's and continues to inform us that when she turns five at the beginning of the year she will be attending kindergarten, oh if only that were true. But honestly I don't know what I would do if Addison were not part of my daily routine, she makes me laugh, even when I don't want her to, i.e., she was very naughty, but in a very funny kind of way.

And last but not least, Hayden Collette Ball. We have loved to watch her personality grow each day. Of course this year saw many firsts for our little girl, learning to walk quickly turned into running, her first word (as per protocal with all of our little ones) was not mommy or daddy, but her favorite thing, "Tonka" (our horse), she also quikly learned how to say each of the other kids names, and many other very useful words such as; please, thank you, woo hoo, move!, treats, water, swimming, bathroom (her word for potty), and she continues to amaze us with a growing vocabulary each day. She is one of the funniest kids we've ever seen and can't wait to see what the coming year brings.

We hope this has given you a small snap shot of our growing family. We hope this season finds you surrounded by family and friends, and the love of our Savior as we celebrate His birth and life.

We love you all.